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DVD X Copy Platinum or Express from 321 studios

Excerpt from www.dvdxcopy.com:
Copy DVD Software: DVD X COPY Platinum - DVD X Copy XPRESS - DVD X Copy Gold Welcome to the DVDXCOPY website. If you are having technical issues or activation / allotment errors, please login to the right for support, contact the telephone or Internet support site available in your country or region, contact the online seller directly for support or visit 3rd party DVD Copy Software support forums. Support will only be provided for legitimate DVD X Copy products.

UPDATE: Some websites may be selling DVD X Copy Software licenses that either CANNOT be activated or are cracked versions that DO NOT WORK properly and/or that contain spyware. Product purchased from these sites will be deactivated and are not eligible for support or updates and should be returned for a refund. For more information on DVD X Copy products with activation issues, click here.

For purchase information on DVD Copy Software, please visit one of these 3rd party DVD Copy Software review sites.

If you have an activation issue or have received an "Activation" or "Allotment" error message and have purchased DVD X Copy in an international retail market, please contact telephone or Internet support in your country or region.

If you have purchased a DVDXCOPY product online or elsewhere and have a DVD X Copy activation issue or have received and Activation error message, contact the seller directly.

We've reviewed all the major dvd copy software available today. These are the reasons we rank DVD X Platinum tied for first place:

  1. DVD X Platinum can copy any DVDs including episode DVDs.
  2. DVD X Platinum can copy any DVD movie even with copy protection.
  3. They offer the best technical support anywhere.
  4. DVD X Platinum copy lets you optionally remove, extras, menus, subtitles, and DTS audio if you prefer.
  5. You can copy a movie to one DVD disc or save it on your hard drive.
  6. DVD X Platinum Copy leaves no warning messages or anti-piracy tracking codes to the burned DVD.
  7. DVD X Platinum Copy supports Dual Layer Recording (for dual layer DVD burners and media).
  8. Frequent Free Software Updates
  9. Excellent copy quality
  10. DVD X Platinum Copy has the best compression ratio.
  11. DVD X Platinum Copy (express mode) is very simple to use (one click).

See the full review of DVD X Platinum Copy

DVD X Platinum

DVD X Platinum Copy this conversion ability:

  1. DVD X Platinum Ripper
  2. DVD X Platinum to Divx Avi
  3. DVD X Platinum to Mpeg Mpg
  4. DVD X Platinum to VCD
  5. DVD X Platinum to SVCD

Recommended DVD sites:

  1. dvd-converter.net
  2. dvdtoavi.net
  3. dvdtompeg.biz
  4. dvd-to-vcd.com
  5. dvdtosvcd.net

DVD X Platinum Copy Description:

DVD X Platinum copy is an easy to use DVD copying and software which can rip DVD to VCD/SVCD/DIVX AVI files. DVD X Platinum is an ideal method to dup dvd or rip dvd or make backup DVD copy. You can rip entire DVD or just part of it by time or by frame or by chapter. Everything start at "1 Click". DVD X Platinum copy capability. DVD X Platinum copy can rip DVD to AVI DIVX,rip DVD to VCD,rip DVD to SVCD,rip DVD to Mpeg and Burn them to single layer or dual layer dvd. DVD X Platinum

Here are some keywords that relate to the DVD X Platinum software:
  • DVD Region Free
  • DVD Region-Free
  • DVD X Ghost
  • DVD Player
  • DVD X Player
  • DVD Creator
  • All To DVD
  • AVI to DVD Pro
  • AVI to DVD
  • AVI to VCD/DVD
  • RM RAM to DVD
  • Super DVD Creator
  • DVD Burner
  • DVD TO AC3
  • DVD TO MP3
  • DVD Converter
  • DVD Ripper
  • DVD X Platinum Ripper
  • DVD X Platinum Copy

Top Ranked Software
#1 1Click DVD Copy
#2 1Click DVD Copy PRO
#3 DVD Cloner
#4 DVD Wizard Pro
#5 DVD neXt COPY
#6 Clone DVD
#7 Clone DVD (Slysoft)
#8 DVDFab

Discontinued Software
DVD XCopy Platinum


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